How to Get Away with Selfies (HTGAWM Recap 3×03)

This post will contain spoilers for episode 3×03 of How to Get Away with Murder.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m pro-selfie. In fact, you only have to go through my Instagram feed to know this. Selfies are great, selfies are wonderful. Hitting  ‘send’ on a well-lit, suitably-filtered, perfectly-angled selfie is great and part of the fabric of life for today’s Millennials, armed with their iPhones and Instagram filters. The selfie is a skill, an art – there are people who even make money off selfies nowadays. But I’m not just some silly selfie-obsessed Millenial, no sir. I know there’s rhyme and reason to the selfie, I know my selfie etiquette. There’s a time and a place for a selfie. Picture this: you’re going out with your friends, you’ve just spent an hour on your makeup, your eyeshadow has been blended to perfection, you’re feeling good about yourself, and you have some time to kill before you leave your house – this is optimal selfie time. There’s also the no-makeup selfie, when you’re just chilling and feeling good and want the world to know it. Mainly, selfies are great to document your looks and confidence, show you’re feeling good, and they’re just fun. Sometimes. You probably shouldn’t take a selfie at a funeral and most definitely shouldn’t take a selfie with an overdosed call girl while she’s passed out on your sofa when you should be calling 911 to get her help. There’s a time and place for selfies, people. Learn your selfie etiquette. This week’s HTGAWM reminded us that some people don’t know selfie etiquette at all and also that some people are the absolute worst. Let’s talk about ‘Always Get Black.’

Photo by Nicole Wilder/ABC – © © 2016 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

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