How to Get Away with Bad Wigs (HTGAWM Recap 3×05)

This post will contain spoilers for episode 3×05 of How to Get Away with Murder.

With every season of HTGAWM, you can tell the really good stuff is starting when the weekly cases become much less important, if even visible, and we get to spend extra time with our favourite Murderous Breakfast Club and their eternal drama. This week’s episode was case-less and showed us that we’re really getting our teeth into this season and its main mystery now. This week’s episode ‘It’s About Frank’ gave us the history of bad wigs, drunken dancing, runaway hookups and the best Michaela scene ever.


Image Credit: ABC

Bonnie goes to Coalport to make her nasty father’s funeral arrangements. She understandably doesn’t want to be there and quickly tells them to cremate him before walking out without another word. Rogue Frank shows up outside the funeral home because he needs a hug and a friend. Bonnie decides to stay with him for a while so that they can have a BFF sleepover and she can play peacemaker between him and Annalise and convince him to come back home.

The Corrupt Clique are working on a case that they clearly don’t care about this week, especially since Annalise is suspended and the suspicious Mr. Drake is in charge. Meanwhile, Annalise is at a hair salon getting her hair done by Mary J. Blige. And there is plenty of hateration and holleration in that dancery as they gossip to their hearts’ delight. One of the hairdressers has clearly been waiting in the queue for Annalise and Nate’s relationship to be done so that glistening abs can grace her place. This scene’s  just a bit of light-hearted fun that this season needs. The hair salon ladies are so much fun, I hope they stay.


Photo by Richard Cartwright/ABC – © © 2016 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

We get flashbacks to Frank’s time in jail throughout the episode. Finally. Clearly, he was in jail for that bad Bieber-circa-2009 wig he’s wearing – that wig is a crime in itself. He gets a visitor from no other than Sam Keating, the original asshole of this show. We find out Frank’s been incarcerated since he was 13 for running over his dad and he doesn’t want to get out. I was expecting a much more worrying and twisted story… Frank reveals he planned to kill his dad but he seems troubled by it. He’s merely a tormented sociopath. Sam tells Frank he has good in him and tries to convince Annalise to help him out – which is odd when you then consider how Sam weaponised Frank for his own ridiculous reasons. Annalise and Sam are nothing but the adoptive parents of multiple murderers and troubled young adults.

Since Bonnie is living a Bonnie and Clyde runaway life with Frank this week, Annalise is left home alone. She attends an AA meeting and she DOES NOT want to through the first-day-of-school  ‘introduce yourself’ routine. Annalise tries to clear out the hundreds of bottles of alcohol in her house as part of her self-care and cleanse routine. The scene is interspersed with happy and sad memories of her marriage with Sam. As fast as she takes care of herself, she relapses into her alcoholism and it’s just sad to see her like that. Though, her dancing around her house is pretty amazing. She leaves Nate a drunken message, who seems to be conflicted about leaving her and taking up residence in the ADA’s bed.


Photo by Richard Cartwright/ABC – © © 2016 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

The Sleepover Club (Bonnie and Frank) snuggle together at night and plan imaginary futures where they can run away and live normal lives where they work in ordinary jobs and hike. It’s actually quite a touching scene when you forget they’re both murderers. Snuggling leads to sleeping together, and not the innocent kind. But the next day, while Bonnie goes to get breakfast, Rogue Frank is gone, taking away the hopes of their future.

Mr. Drake yells about his laptop being missing, accuses the Corrupt Clique and calls them all spoilt. Michaela goes off at him with a Southern twang to her accent. It is hands down the best moment of the entire episode because I’ve been waiting for him to be taken down a step. The scene is made funnier by the fact that Michaela did actually steal his laptop so that Oliver could hack into it. They find out Drake was behind the fliers, revealing what we all knew: he was suss. I’m so mad that I didn’t guess it was him. The gang tell Annalise, who shows up at Drake’s door and he reveals himself to be the coward he is because he can’t even utter a word. Then, Annalise pays the president a visit so she can tell her she’s going sue the school for defamation and unlawful suspension unless she gets her clinic and her children back.


Image Credit: ABC

Wes and Laurel talk in a stairwell about how he wants to break up with Meggy because he’s sick of lying to her. Now, I’m Team Wes and Laurel, you know that, but I’m mad at him leading Meggy on. It was only like 2 episodes where she told him he should be with Laurel and he was like “no, you’re the good thing in my life.” Lies, because he’s been making eyes at Laurel since episode 1. Not only does he want to break up with Meggy because it’s hard to keep up a relationship of lies, he also wants to be with Laurel and believes it’s possible now Frank’s gone. Wes is an opportunist. She tells him that Frank’s still in the picture. This scene certainly intensifies the Who is Laurel’s Baby’s Father mystery.  He convinces Laurel to tell Annalise about Frank and Bonnie being out of town with him just when Bonnie returns to Annalise’s place and they all share dramatic looks. The stage is really being set now.

Back in present day, Laurel’s struggle to survive continues. Meggy is being super sweet and I feel sad that she’s kind of having to deal with this mess. Bonnie’s on the phone to an unknown someone and acting kind of suspicious. Oliver calls Connor’s phone but he won’t pick up. But someone else does: Michaela’s adoptive mother. Michaela is alive! As the camera focuses on the TV in the hospital, the headline tells us that an unidentified male is dead in the house fire, leaving it to be between Nate, Frank, Asher, Connor or Wes, I’m guessing.

Oh. My. God. What did you think of this weeks’ episode? Are you into the Bonnie/Frank thing? Was 11-Years-Ago Frank’s wig the worst wig you’ve ever seen? How loud did you cheer when Michaela went off on Mr. Drake? What are your #UnderTheSheet theories now?

2 thoughts on “How to Get Away with Bad Wigs (HTGAWM Recap 3×05)

  1. faith says:

    Honestly I prefer that Wes is choosing to break up with his girlfriend now because the alternative of staying in that relationship and dragging this mess out more is worse.

    I think he did genuinely care for Meggy and according to the writers he wanted a sense of normalcy in his life after so much has happened. However this happy phase wasn’t going to last. He was not ok with having a relationship that wasn’t honest and he knew it was also not fair to Meggy continue keeping info from her, like what happened to his parents, the fact that he got involved Sam’s murder etc. Connor and Oliver’s relationship also fell apart because they weren’t completely honest with each other and Oliver sensed that something was wrong.

    Wes decided to just end it with Meggy before it got even more complicated and maybe she can move on with her life. Plus yeah he does seem to have some feelings for Laurel that he didn’t come to terms with until recently and they’ve always tried to be open with one another. I think it was mentioned in an interview that both Wes and Laurel were in denial of their feelings for one another, so it took time to realize that they did have those deeper emotions. Whether they chose to more forward with that is up to them.


    • Abeeha Tariq says:

      Yeah I agree! Meggy seems like a genuinely lovely person and she doesn’t deserve to be tangled in the mess of this show. It’s like what Connor said in this episode that none of them can maintain normal relationships – they’re all just keeping too many secrets and telling too many lies for any healthy relationships outside of their own close knit group


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