How to Get Away with the Blame Game (HTGAWM Recap 3×06)

This post will contain spoilers for episode 3×06 of How to Get Away with Murder.

Look, we’ve all probably exclaimed “oh my god, I’m going to kill you” at some point in our lives. Maybe your friend tagged you in a horrible photo on Facebook when she knows you’re trying to keep up appearances for the guy from your gym who just added you the other day. Maybe your younger sibling ate the last slice of pizza you were saving for your dinner. Maybe you mutter it to your printer when it stops working the night before your assignment is due. However, very rarely does one literally mean it when they say it. It’s just a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. But when it comes to HTGAWM, such a phrase (or a variation of it) shouldn’t be taken so lightly. There were quite a few death threats made in this week’s episode, ‘Is Someone Really Dead?’, and I think everyone should be keeping their eyes open.


Image Credit: ABC

We start with Annalise, Bonnie, Laurel and Wes fighting it out at the Keating house, following on from last week’s ending. They’re all taking turns to point fingers and also defend each other. It’s the beginning of an episode-long Blame Game where everyone blames everyone else, but mostly poor Wes. Bonnie reveals that she went to record Frank’s confession about Wallace Mahoney.  But she went to all that effort for nothing because they can’t use it or Frank will reveal everything about Sam’s death and the cover-up and everything since that fateful first ever episode and they’ll all end up in jail as well as hell. Meanwhile the police are looking for Wes in connection to Mahoney’s death and they show up at Wes’ door while Meggy is there and she is thoroughly confused. Wes’s web of lies was well-intentioned but its being torn apart now.  Annalise grounds Wes, telling him he can’t go out with his friends, and orders Bonnie to babysit him and supervise his study. Wes decides to be rebellious and leave anyways but just as he’s about to, Annalise threatens to tie him up in the basement like she did to Rebecca. Yikes. Also, I nearly forgot about Rebecca. Poor girl never deserved to die. Bonnie sucks. Later, Bonnie blames Wes for everything that’s happened, saying it’s his fault because he developed a crush on Rebecca. Rude, to be honest.  The mess of this show was put into motion way before anyone had any idea what was going on. Let’s not blame Wes.


Photo by Mitch Haaseth/ABC – © © 2016 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

At Michaela’s, Asher is dancing to Cotton-Eyed Joe while Michaela tries to study. Asher wants her to talk to him but she wants no-strings-attached sex. Connor’s also there to intrude on their conversation and bounce around in Michaela’s robe. Asher reasserts that he is not a meatstick, he wants to be her boyfriendstick but Michaela says nay to Asher being her ‘bae’ and he leaves. Meanwhile, Wes continues to lie to Meggy, who says “we tell each other everything.” Oh honey, he has told you practically nothing but his name. You even had to snoop out his driver’s license to find out his date of birth. Honestly, Meggy is really lovely and does not need to be involved in the murder, manipulation and mess of this show.

The Corrupt Clique are still failing at being law students. They’ll all have to fork out for repeats at this rate and that’s just going to be added stress on top of their already complicated and busy lives. We have a case of the week again but no one really cares.  But at least Annalise has her license back and is back in a job – though she can’t use any of her legal tricks anymore. The ADA (Annalise 2.0) is back to fight Annalise and prove she’s a better Annalise than Annalise (she’s not). The best part of the case is when Annalise decides to eat some crisps in a toilet cubicle at the courthouse and then flush the bag down the toilet. Annalise, that is a clear violation of the Public Toilet Order.


Photo by Mitch Haaseth/ABC – © © 2016 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Annalise is annoyed that Bonnie was on the run with Frank last episode and that she slept with him too. This is the most complicated non-blood-related family on TV. I don’t really appreciate Annalise repeatedly deriding Bonnie for “spreading her legs” for men when she knows of Bonnie’s history of abuse – it just feels wrong to me. Annalise asks whether Bonnie came back to her because she wanted to or because Frank didn’t want her – Bonnie replies “because I love you.” It’s clear that Bonnie is fairly dependent on Annalise and that Annalise holds the power in their relationship – what kind of relationship it is, I’m not quite sure. Annalise tells Bonnie that if Frank comes near the Keating house again, she really will kill him. Is it possible foreshadowing? I’ve been suspecting for a while that it could be Frank underneath that sheet and Annalise is faking her distraught reaction because, hey, that would be a big problem sorted for her.

Connor shows up at the house to blame Wes and yell at him some more, like Bonnie did earlier on. He goes on about Sam’s death as if it wasn’t an accidental killing that they were all involved in, even if Wes dealt the fatal blow. I know a lot has happened since, including their immediate cover-up but the actual death was totally an accident and none of them are cold-blooded killers. I feel so sorry for Wes, he doesn’t deserve this. Connor threatens to kill Wes if he goes to the police or turns himself.  I genuinely think that this shouldn’t be taken lightly, because they’re all losing control at this point and Connor seems like he really needs a good shaking. Meanwhile, Nate is still sleeping with the ADA and lets Annalise know that Annalise number two is his new boo.

In this week’s episode of How to Get Away with Hookups, Oliver goes on a date and Connor is super jealous – no surprise. Asher shows up again to get Michaela to confess she likes him and tells her she’s his family. I’m still not sure how I feel about them but this was really sweet.  He wants to be more and I think Michaela is starting to want that too. I hope they can talk to each other and help each other be better people. Michaela admits she likes him too and they do the horizontal tango. Wes decides he can’t keep up the lies anymore and that Meggy is too sweet an angel to be able to deal with everything he’s involved in so he breaks up with her. I’m Team Wes/Laurel (Waurel/Les/Las? I don’t know) but it’s pretty rough, especially once Meggy says “I love you.” I want Meggy to find someone sweet and normal who isn’t involved in multiple killings and cover-ups.  He then goes to Laurel’s house and destroys the recorder with Frank’s confession on it. And then finally, FINALLY, the inevitable happens: Wes and Laurel get together. They do their own horizontal tango but I’m not sure I still believe that Wes is the father of Laurel’s baby because it’s only 3 weeks from this to the present day mystery and I don’t think it adds up…


Photo by Richard Cartwright/ABC – © © 2016 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.


While Annalise and Bonnie worry about where the hell Wes is, because there’s someone from the NYPD at the Keating House to question Wes about the Mahoney shooting, the news tells us that Mahoney’s son is being held without bail and being charged for his murder. Everyone worries that Wes turned himself in and Connor looks like he’s about to combust. But it’s all fine, because Wes is still at Laurel’s, watching the news too. Frank’s decided to frame Mahoney’s other son – the one who’s as bad as his father. Good looking out, Frank.  We then see Frank in a car heading towards Philadelphia. Oh, it’s all gonna go down now.

Back in present day and Michaela has left her mother at her place and is hammering on a dorm room door, looking for Asher. She ends up finding him drunk-dancing on a bed and takes him aside to tell him what’s happened: the house is on fire, Laurel is in hospital and someone’s dead. Poor Asher is too drunk to deal with this news. I’m not even sure sober Asher could deal with it. Also, is it just me or does it seem like they’re not still together in present day? Michaela asks Asher when he last saw the others and he says it was before Annalise told them all to come to the house. Hmm.


Image Credit: ABC

It doesn’t feel like much happened in this week’s episode but it’s clear that the bricks are still being laid and cemented. While a few weeks ago, we might have wondered how on earth the present day mystery could have happened, it’s starting to become clear that a lot is going on and a lot of people are mad at each other. I am still completely bewildered by what on earth is going on but I’m starting to form #UnderTheSheet theories of my own:

1) Connor is dead. He’s a bit of a loose canon and seems to be getting himself involved in the blame game and central drama. After reading an interview with Aja Naomi King where she says she’s still having trouble getting to grips with who it is and that it was hard reveal, I can understand why it would be Connor since Aja is close to Jack and Michaela is close to Connor. I can also see how they might try and fill a Connor-shaped hole by making Oliver a part of the Fab Five and Michaela’s BFF going forwards.

2) Frank is dead and Annalise is faking her reaction to the death because she’s involved in it somehow. I can see Frank being the one to go and this happening. Frank being gone would rid Annalise of a fairly big problem she has. I also wonder, now Frank is gone rogue, what place is left for him on the show beyond this season.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind Frank or Nate being the ones to go because 1) Frank is Frank and 2) Nate doesn’t really do anything. But I doubt everyone would have such a heartbreaking reaction to either of them going. It could also be Wes but maybe that’s too obvious because it seems like they want us to think this? Also, my heart and mind won’t let me accept this possibility. I’ll go into deep denial if it’s Wes.

 Why do you think Annalise called the gang to come to her house? Do you think Wes is the father of Laurel’s baby? What do you make of the relationships between Annalise, Bonnie and Frank? Also, share your own #UnderTheSheet theories with me!

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