How to Get Away with Family Feuds (HTGAWM Recap 3×07)

This post will contain spoilers for episode 3×07 of How to Get Away with Murder.

Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina opens with the line: “all happy families resemble one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” It’s certainly true that the Keating home houses a very unhappy, very messed up family of sorts. I’ve never seen a family like it, to be honest. What started out as an academic assignment where everyone hated each other and was in it for themselves has turned into a very close knit group (whether they like it or not) that depend on each other, stand up for each other and also always blame each other. This weeks’ episode explored mother and child relationships and was full of family squabbles, further cementing the Keating Five as Annalise’s ungrateful, corrupt children. Let’s talk about ‘Call It Mother’s Intuition.’


The episode starts with Wes being questioned in relation to the Mahoney shooting. He lies, saying that he saw Charles Mahoney at the scene of the shooting and later Annalise scolds him because it’s a possibility that Charles has an alibi for that night. Wes is playing a dangerous game. I also keep forgetting that, technically, Charles and Wes are half brothers. It’s easy to get confused with the amount of stuff going on in this show – I need to plot all the relationships, deaths, and killers so far on some sort of map to keep track of what’s going on. Forget the Kardashians, it’s hard enough Keeping Up with the Keatings.

This week’s clients are three siblings who are accused of slowly poisoning their elderly mother with antifreeze. It’s becomes pretty clear that this woman is not the nice old lady she’s pretending to be. Her nickname for her daughter is “Big Cahoonas Karen” (because she matured early), her eldest son “Half Nelson” (because it “fit his low IQ”) and her youngest son “Jerky Jared” (because she caught him masturbating once. Yikes). She even read her daughter’s diary in front of her employees at a staff meeting – not cool, woman. She’s clearly a horrible mother but the siblings maintain they didn’t kill her even though they hated her and exchanged text messages jokingly talking about killing her. Just your average family, really.  Annalise and her class are going to try get the case thrown out before the trial in the depositions. This case sets up some pretty interesting comparison point with Annalise and the Keating Five, because she is, after all, their mother figure.


Image Credit: ABC

While the Fab Five get to work on finding suspects for the case, Wes and Laurel sneak off to continue doing some NSFW shenanigans of their own. I’m so into this sneaking around, honeymoon period these two are having but it probably won’t last past this episode because it’s HTGAWM. While Laurel ‘distracts’ Wes, the camera cuts to Frank standing outside the room like an UTTER CREEP. What I want to know is: 1) how the hell did he get in?; 2) how did they not notice his creepy presence?; and 3) did he stick around for the full show? Was he just outside listening to them get it on the whole time or did he leave like a normal person? Frank’s not normal so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he got himself some popcorn and a beer and just chilled against the wall. Nothing is too messed up for this show.


Image Credit: ABC

Nate runs into Wes at court and tells Wes to “watch his ass” very suspiciously. I don’t know what Nate is up to these days but he’s entirely too quiet and off the grid for my liking. Has he been spending all his time at the ADA’s place? Meanwhile, the depositions start and the siblings answer questions while their mother smiles evilly and coughs every now and then. She’d be a nightmare to sit behind in an exam. The mother’s lawyer tells a story about when the mother humiliated Jared in front of a woman he was seeing by telling her about the time he reached up under his mother’s dress when he was 13. This is bizarre. The old woman then speaks up and says that the woman would never have “screwed” him and that he’s a virgin and will be until he dies.. Jared loses his cool and goes off, saying “what kind of a monster gets off on mocking her son?” to which his mother smirks and replies “one of us needs to get off.” Ugh, she’s the actual worst. This woman doesn’t even deserve $1 rotting flowers for Mothers Day. Norman Bates’ mother and this woman would have a hoot together.


Image Credit: ABC

Wes and Laurel share a cute moment in bed where they throw it back to the first episode when Laurel tried to get Wes out of a difficult situation after Annalise put him on the spot with a question in front of the whole class. They talk about how they always liked each other and it’s very cute. Connor then calls and tells Wes he’s his own personal herpes sore that won’t go away. I laughed. It’s funny how the Keating Five pretend to hate each other when they’re basically all each other has. They need to just give it up and have a night in together with movies and junk food and a good, lengthy emotional talk. It turns out that Charles Mahoney does have an alibi for the night of his father’s death. The Keating Five demand answers from Annalise who’s at her wit’s end and doesn’t know what to do. What comes next is a scene that’s been a long time coming, frankly. Annalise decides to get the Keating Five to say whatever the hell they want to her because she feels like she’s the bad mother who deserves it.  Annalise decides to host her own roast. She even pulls out a chair and sits down as if to say ‘this might take a while’ and, boy, does it.


Image Credit: ABC

The Keating Five, minus Wes, take it in turns to unleash everything they blame and resent Annalise for and spill everything they’ve been holding in.  Their tirade goes on until they’ve all tired themselves out.  They truly are ungrateful children. Annalise has been saving them and covering for them time and time again and they continue to throw needless tantrums. Though, I do think they all needed to just get everything off their chest. I just hope Annalise gets a scene where she can get everything off her chest too because she needs it. Way back in season one, Annalise could’ve just turned them all in but instead she helped them cover up her own husband’s death and she’s been doing everything for them ever since. They all need to stop being so self-involved for just once and realise she’s human too and can’t always give them everything. Annalise should take away their wifi, that’ll teach them a lesson.  It’s actually a great scene and it shows how damaged they all are by now, and how they’ve all made terrible mistakes for the past seasons. Perhaps they should’ve just gone to the police after Sam’s death but then I wouldn’t have this treasure of a show so I’m glad they didn’t. What can I say, I’m selfish. This whole saga then leads to Annalise figuring out that their clients’ mother poisoned herself and tried to frame them for it and pointedly says she can understand why a mother would want to punish her ungrateful children. Annalise gets Laurel to confront the mother during her deposition and she falls for it. The case is dropped.


Image Credit: ABC

Oliver tells his new guy that he’s HIV positive and the guy decides to cool things off between them. Poor Oliver – he looks so vulnerable. Oliver eventually shows up at Michaela’s where Connor is and tells him he misses him. Oliver acknowledges himself that it’s really selfish of him but they still hook up. This was a long time coming – they’ve been throwing longing looks at each other since they broke up. I’m still confused as to why they did. Anyways, they make good use of Michaela’s bed before Michaela and Asher get home. Connor and Michaela’s friendship is truly something else. Meanwhile, Frank shows up at Bonnie’s house looking for help and forgiveness but Bonnie is not in the mood to hand out redemption. He tries to beg her to help but she screams at him to get out while I slow clap it out. Frank doesn’t have anyone anymore. Elsewhere, Laurel and Wes are saying goodnight to each other on the phone when Laurel drops the ‘love you’ bomb and quickly hangs up. Same, girl. She doesn’t have much time to fret over her love confession through because right then, Frank say’s “really?” and we see he’s right behind her. How is this man just getting into her apartment like that unnoticed? And so silently? Is there a broken window not boarded up? Get a creeper alarm, Laurel.


Image Credit: ABC

Back in the present day mystery and Laurel’s finally woken up. She is clearly desperate to say something but they can’t remove her oxygen tube so lovely Meggy gives her a pen and holds up a little notepad. Laurel scribbles ‘Wes’ and Meggy reassures her that though they can’t get a hold of him, he’s probably fine. The episode started with present day Annalise being charged with arson and first degree murder because an anonymous source has snitched on Annalise and this week’s reveal shows that Wes is the snitch (and he’s alive, YAY). After an initial reaction of “what. WHAAAAT. WHAT??”, I gathered my senses and realised that this is probably part of some master plan, orchestrated by Annalise herself. I just don’t know why or what it is. As much as the Keating Five (and Annalise) talk about hating each other and destroying each other’s lives, they’re pretty much dedicated to making sure none of their secrets get out so this is highly unusual, especially when it comes to Wes and Annalise who were just talking about always protecting each other a few weeks ago. Maybe they made a plan during their scene on Annalise’s porch earlier on in the episode. Nothing is ever as it seems on this show, remember. My theories from last week about Frank or Connor being under the sheet are still to be proved wrong. I have a feeling we’ll find out Nate is alive next week.


Image Credit: ABC

Not long now until we find out what’s happened and I’m no close to figuring out what’s going on. Next week’s episode comes with a viewer discretion and I am so excited for this show to entirely mess me up – it has me wrapped around its finger.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think Wes is really snitching on Annalise? Could it be someone else? Do you think Frank stuck around while Wes and Laurel were living it up? Was Laurel just worried about Wes or trying to warn Wes about something or the others about Wes? Have you managed to come up with any plausible theories?


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