How to Get Away with Lying (HTGAWM Recap 3×08)

This post will contain spoilers for episode 3×08 of How to Get Away with Murder.

Apologies for how long it’s taken me to upload this recap. I travelled back home for my graduation and was fairly busy for the few days I was there, meaning that all the drama within the Keating House was not controlling my life as it usually does. But I’m back now and ready throw myself at the mercy of this show and its upcoming midseason finale. But first, let’s talk about ‘No More Blood.’


Image Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

This week’s episode resumes with creepy Frank creepily entering Laurel’s house and creeping on her while she changes. What I’m getting at here is that Frank is an utter creep and this episode is no exception to his creepiness. While Laurel tells him to GTFO and never come back, Annalise calls and says if Frank goes to the Keating house, she will straight up kill him. So Laurel decides to throw him a sleepover party because, despite his violence and manipulation, she doesn’t want him to die.

Wes receives a subpoena for a hearing, where he’ll have to get up and repeat his lies about seeing Charles Mahoney near the scene of their father’s death, under oath. To find Charles’ alibi and weaken it, they have to rely on Frank and his inherent corruption. Bonnie shows up at Laurel’s to find a semi-naked Frank getting dressed – all of them look fairly uncomfortable at the whole thing. Laurel later reassures Wes that nothing happened between her and Frank.  What I want to know, however, is why she gave him her room – make him sleep on the kitchen floor without a duvet, Laurel. He can deal with it.


Image Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

The Corrupt Clique need to stall Wes’ hearing while they find the alibi but Michaela and Connor say “bye bitches” before walking out because they just want to study and pretend to have normal lives. Fair enough – but when you need help manipulating a court case, and you’ll probably need to, don’t come running back. Asher finds out that Frank no longer has a beard, and is probably more shocked at this fact than he was when he found out all his buddies killed Sam. Wes and Laurel go to the doctor’s to get his medical records so that they can use those to bring about a psych evaluation and thus hold up the case. While they have a cute snuggly moment in the waiting room, Meggy shows up and everything becomes super awkward. Wes, for some reason, decides to tell Meggy how he used to be a patient there and Meggy looks like she wants to throw a stack of waiting room magazines at his face.


Image Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Annalise have Frank trailing Charles Mahoney’s lawyer to find the alibi, which is perfect for him because stalking people is the top skill on his CV. While running his errands, Frank realises that Charles’ lawyer is meeting up with the lady who paid him money many years ago to mess up Annalise’s case and was the cause of Annalise’s car crash and miscarriage – turns out she’s Charles’ alibi because they’re sleeping together. The characters on this show are tangled up in a complicated web that I can’t even begin to understand. For some reason, Bonnie advocates for murder (did your bloodlust not end at Rebecca? What is wrong with you?) and Annalise is like HELL NO. Later, Frank shows up in that woman’s house anyways, offering to commit child murder to redeem himself… Strange way to go about things, to be honest. Annalise tells him ‘no nay never’ but the woman and her kid get back before he can leave so he hides in the child’s wardrobe and creepily looks at them as they read a bedtime story. Sidenote: that child is totally Frank’s right?


Image Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Connor and Oliver are sleeping together again but they still have issues. Connor still isn’t telling Oliver everything about him and the Keating five and Oliver senses this so he decides to confront him in the shower of all places. Connor, who a few weeks ago told a random client that he killed someone, refuses to share his secrets with Oliver. I don’t get it. I also think Oliver should back off from trying to open Pandora’s box. Ignorance is really murder-free bliss in this show. Unsurprisingly, Oliver doesn’t back off and him and Connor have an explosive fight by the end of the episode. He calls Connor ‘damaged’ which really sets Connor off – this is weird because Connor is pretty damaged. I guess the truth hurts. Connor shows up at Michaela’s, muttering “I hate him, I hate him” and kicking over tables. Rude.  Not only does he owe Michaela new bed sheets, he also needs to buy her wine glasses and a coffee table too. He should probably pay rent while he’s at it. Meanwhile, Asher finally answers the call from Michaela’s mother on her phone in the next room after Michaela’s been ignoring it throughout the episode. Michaela told Asher she has a pretty much non-existent relationship with her parents and doesn’t want anything to do with them so it’s a pretty bad move on Asher’s part.


Image Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

While Wes undergoes his psych evaluation, Annalise delivers a burner phone to Charles Mahoney in his jail cell to do some A+ setting up, with the help of her regular little elves and also Nate. Wes is cleared to go on the stand at his hearing and continues to lie. It comes as naturally to all of them as breathing at this stage. What’s interesting is how Mrs. Mahoney looks at Wes so closely any time they cross paths. Perhaps she recognises Wes’ mother and father in him. They put the woman who led to Annalise’s miscarriage on the stand and execute Annalise’s plan to perfection. She had Frank call the burner phone from the woman’s house to mess up the couple’s credibility about their alibi and then leak that Charles’ has a burner phone to Wes’ lawyer so she can put it forth in court and successfully complete their set-up.


Frank shows up at Annalise’s after the court hearing and he and Annalise have the showdown this season has been building to. They talk about Sam, about Annalise’s miscarriage, how it’s all Frank’s fault, how he dared continue to work for her after knowing all this. Frank wants to make up for all he’s done wrong so he takes out a gun and holds it to his head before telling Annalise he loves her. Instead of begging him not to, Annalise yells and urges him on as Bonnie runs in to scream at him not to while my heart rate runs away. There’s a lot of shrieking, tears and snot in this scene and I’m blown away by the acting of all three. The scene cuts there as we’re brought into the present day mystery.


Image Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Bonnie tells Michaela, Asher and Oliver that Annalise has been snitched on and they beg Bonnie to tell them who’s dead. We don’t get to hear her answer about who’s under the sheet but we do find out that Connor is alive under an entirely different sheet – one that’s on the bed of the guy Oliver was seeing but who rejected him once he found out he was pos. Ouch. Connor is petty and spiteful.  But hey, at least he’s alive.

Just one episode now until we find out who’s under the sheet and what’s happened and I am still no closer to guessing at what’s happened. I’m just sitting here hoping that the writers don’t pull some cruel plot-twist tricks and kill off one of the characters that have been shown to be alive so far. I’m not ready for that kind of surprise – I’ll have to take the writers to court.

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