Booked Up: Gorgeous Gifts

When I was younger, there were two types of gifts someone could get me that were guaranteed to make my entire year: Barbies and books. And if you got me both, you were essentially raised to the figure of a saint in my eyes. Receiving a good book as a gift or sharing a wonderful story by getting it for someone else are my favourite things, because I’m a giant book nerd – it’s no secret, really. There’s just so many types to choose from, so many stories to share and there’s always, always a book that will suit someone – even for the weirdos who say they don’t like to read. As Christmas is coming up now, I thought I’d share three special books I particularly love that could make ideal gifts for someone you know (or yourself – ‘treat yo self’ is a real life philosophy).

Harry Potter: Page to Screen (The Complete Filmmaking Journey)
by Bob McCabe


This giant book is the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan, especially those that adore the movies and the creative processes behind them. It’s far from small and far from light, because this hardback edition is packed with everything you’d want to know about how the movies brought JK Rowling’s best-selling book series to life and the impressive amount of detail and work that went into creating the eight Harry Potter movies. Filled with high quality pictures, behind the scenes facts, concept art and interviews, this book is the perfect addition for the bookshelves of any Potterhead. Page to Screen details everything from characters, costumes and props to set-building, visual effects, and everything in between. Even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan but a general movie lover, this book is bound to amaze you by taking you through the amount of work that went into making one of the highest grossing movie series of all time.

Fashion: The Ultimate Book of Costume and Style
by DK


Two things typically dominate my thoughts: pretty book covers and pretty dresses, so it was no surprise that I picked up this book for myself because it combined both of those things. Like the book above, the Ultimate Book of Costume and Style is not something you’d bring onto a plane with you for a bit of light reading (on account of its size and weight) but it has hundreds of years of fashion packed into its pages and is the perfect addition on the bookshelves of fashion lovers everywhere. From pre-historic trinkets to the glitz and glamour of contemporary runways and high streets, this book documents every era of Western fashion and style imaginable, with a few insights into the fashion of Africa and the East. This book tracks the development of fashion and its meaning over time, through high quality visuals, designer profiles and fascinating facts. Treat the fashionistas in your life this year by getting them this amazing style bible.

Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales
(Barnes & Noble Edition)

fairy-tales-220Not a Harry Potter or fashion fan? Well, surely everyone loves a good fairy tale, right?  This Grimm’s fairy tale book, with its intricate cover and gold-edged pages, captured my heart and wouldn’t let go until I went back and got it. This special edition is part of the Barnes & Noble leatherbound collection – it might not be on sale still because it’s been a while since I got it, but it’s worth looking at newer and other editions released in the run-up to Christmas that are just as magical. The collection features well-known and loved stories like ‘Cinderella’, ‘Rapunzel’, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and ‘Hansel and Gretel’ as well as many less heard of tales that are just as interesting. While you may read some well-known classics, these tales are the complete original versions of the Grimm’s works and aren’t all happily ever afters and sweet princes –  for example, one of Cinderella’s step-sisters cuts off a part of her foot when trying on the famous slipper in order to trick the Prince into thinking she wore it to the ball and is later traumatised by birds pecking at her (yikes). This book makes the perfect gift for those who love stories of magic, luck, enchantments, colourful characters and vibrant locations – or even just for those who want a beautiful book sparkling on their shelves.

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