Abeeha Tariq

Born in Pakistan and raised in Ireland, I’m just another 20-something with a blog and a twitter handle. Equipped with an undergraduate degree in English Literature and a masters degree in Business and Management, I’m just stumbling along, trying to find my way in The Big Bad World™ (at most, I’m power-walking; I avoid running at all costs). I’m an over-thinker and over-sharer, I tweet entirely way too much (I would turn my tweets into a book if I could) and I’m a serial binge-watcher of TV shows. I’ve been writing and drawing since I could hold a pencil and I was rarely seen without a book as a child. You’ll usually find me scribbling in notebooks and sketchbooks, reading a book or glued to my phone – possibly all at once, because I’m a chronic multi-tasker too. Due to my lifelong, desperate desire to always win an argument, my parents have been telling me I should be a lawyer since the age of 5. But I’ve watched How to Get Away with Murder and, let me tell you, it’s never going to happen.

Among the things I’m invested in: pop culture shenanigans; Liverpool FC; pretty book covers; the well-being of Beyoncé; feminism; the legacy of Irish boyband, Westlife;  race, culture and identity; glitter and sparkly things; the Little Black Dress™; dangly earrings; period dramas; a good story; Autumn aesthetics; red lipstick; haute couture collections; American sitcoms; fancy, old libraries; architecture; and biryani.

Apart from this blog, I’ve also written this article and you can find some of my undergraduate English essays over at my Academia page.



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